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Fraud Intelligence Network

Fraud Intelligence Network

Fraud Intelligence Network (FIN) is the provider of the next generation of fraud prevention, data sharing, intelligence tools.

Working in conjunction with National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) FIN has developed a system that enables its users to manage high risk bookings, share data with other industry members, gain intelligence from fraud data, and report occurrences of fraud to the police.

The services of Fraud Intelligence Network include:

Data Sharing

Fraudsters share information, so do we! The FIN tool provides you with a secure environment to share your fraud data. By sharing data you can see if the data being used in a booking has been used to commit a fraud against another user.

Uploading data to the FIN system can be done via a user interface, via a spread sheet or via an API feed. Searching the database can be done via a user interface or via an API feed.

The FIN system is able to accept all types of data and all data is graded before entering the FIN system. By grading data we are able to create intelligence packages and fraud networks that can be put forward for police action with the NFIB.

Intelligence Tool

All data loaded into the FIN system is used to provide up to the minute intelligence digests available to all FIN users. The intelligence digests will show the latest trends in fraud data giving users the ability to be proactive in their fight against fraud.

Fraud Prevention Community

A key component of the service provided by FIN is to put like minded individuals in contact with each other. The online community will enable you to speak to other fraud prevention professionals both within your industry and in other industries in a secure friendly environment. If you have a question you want answering of wish to raise a particular issue the community will provide you with the perfect environment to do this.