Firms urged to put a cybercrime recovery plan in place

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Firms urged to put a cybercrime recovery plan in place

Travel companies need a disaster recovery plan geared for cybercrime – or could face a systems ‘meltdown’ for days or weeks after an attack.

Recovery plans should include specific insurance against cybercrime and a strategy on how to run the business afterwards, warned Barry Gooch, chairman of travel anti-fraud group Profit.

A cyberattack, such as a largescale data breach, could bring down a company’s computer system and stop it from trading as normal, impacting communication with customers, suppliers or business partners and staff.

Gooch said firms should also regularly test how the plan works – even if it is a ‘desktop’ exercise in which senior staff act out what they would do in this scenario.

In part five of the Travel Weekly-backed Secure Our Systems (SOS) campaign, companies have been urged to include all stakeholders in their disaster recovery plan and ensure technical, legal and public relations advisers as well as human resources staff are briefed.

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