Fraud Prevention Services

Prevention of Fraud in Trade has many years of experience of fraud prevention and we are very happy to be able to share our vast experience and knowledge with you.

The services Prevention of Fraud in Trade offer are as follows:

1. Pre visit review including:

a. Review of documentation
b. Review of customer facing website
c. Analysis of previous frauds

2. Visit to organisation including:

a. Introduction to the threat of fraud
b. Assessing your companies vulnerability to fraud
c. Assessing what procedures are in place

3. Fraud prevention training including:

a. How to spot a fraud
b. What to do when you spot a fraud
c. How to deal with fraudulent data
d. A look at some of the free fraud tools available

4. Full report including:

a. Analysis on current high risk areas
b. A view on potential threats
c. Recommendations on how to minimise fraud in the future
d. A view on some of the paid for fraud prevention services that could be utilised

5. Assistance implementing recommendation including:

a. Assisting with any documentation or procedural review
b. Assisting with the implementations of any third party system

To discuss the services Prevention of Fraud in Trade offer please contact us at