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PROFiT is the short name for Prevention of Fraud in Travel. PROFiT members came together in 2000 to prevent fraud in the travel industry and to educate the trade and public to avoid economic crime.

PROFiT is a ‘not for profit’ organisation which undertakes counter fraud advice and work for the whole travel industry often without making any charge except the small annual membership fee.

If you would like to work with Prevention of Fraud in Travel to help prevent fraud in the travel industry we offer a membership scheme which offers a selection of services including the right to attend PROFiT meetings, access to a fraud prevention community and the right to use the PROFiT mark.

Whether your organisation is affected by charge-backs, credit card fraud and internal fraud or is just looking for more information about fraud prevention we can help.

Behaviour of a Fraudster

Besides the specifics details of what a fraudster is trying to purchase and the details they have given it is also worth considering what a fraudster does before they begin a transaction. Being able to capture behavioural data may assist you in determining if a booking is fraudulent.

How a fraudster acts

What is a Rule Base?

A rule base is simply a set of conditions that trigger an action. In the case of fraudulent bookings you are looking for triggers that suggest the bookings may be fraudulent. In basic terms a rule base could be that if a product above a certain value is being purchased additional security checks are required.

What is a rule base

Validating a Booking

On occasions you will come across bookings that require a manual review to ascertain if the booking should be accepted or rejected. Whether an online or call centre booking there are a few simple steps to take to assist you in making your decision.

Validating a booking

Challenge a Chargeback

A chargeback is where a customer has had money debited from their account which they dispute, this results in a refund being made to the customer. As well as fraud there are many reasons for a chargeback such as the goods or services were not up to standard, the goods or services were faulty, the goods or services did not arrive or the customer has been charged twice.

Challenge a chargeback

Fraud Prevention Systems

Various systems exist to highlight potential fraudulent bookings; the seven types of systems detailed below offer a summary of the types of systems on the market. Although not an exclusive list, if you a looking to purchase a 3rd party system it is advisable to first make a decision on what type of system you require.

Fraud prevention systems