Stop Business Fraud


Stop Business Fraud (SBF) ( is the provider of the next generation of fraud prevention, data sharing, intelligence tools.

Working in conjunction with National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) SBF has developed a system that enables its users to manage high risk bookings, share data with other industry members, gain intelligence from fraud data, and report occurrences of fraud to the police.

Data Sharing

Fraudsters share information, so do we! The SBF tool provides you with a secure environment to share your fraud data. By sharing data you can see if the data being used in a booking has been used to commit a fraud against another user.

The SBF system is able to accept all types of data and all data is graded before entering the SBF system. By grading data we are able to create intelligence packages and fraud networks that can be put forward for police action with the NFIB.

The services of Stop Business Fraud include:

Payments Module

Process payments from your customers in confidence. Check against our database of confirmed frauds and verify their location data via our payment card and IP address checker.

Business Module

Check your suppliers and employees before you work with them. Our database of confirmed frauds is complemented by data from Companies House and the insolvency practitioner, including disqualified and bankrupt directors data.

Telecoms Module

Designed for members of the Telecoms industry who use it to share and identify known and suspected fraud activity.