Four convicted over fake holiday sickness claim

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Four convicted over fake holiday sickness claim

A family of fraudsters who faked sickness while on holiday, including feigning their children’s illness, have been convicted of contempt of court.

Michael Jameson, 43, Claire Weir, 35, Jane Weir, 38, and Janet Weir, 63, of Liverpool made fraudulent sickness claims against Jet2holidays – asking for more than £45,000 in compensation and solicitors’ costs.

But they were busted when Jet2holidays, and law firm Horwich Farrelly, unearthed social media posts at the time they were supposed to be still suffering from diarrhoea, stomach pain and cramps saying ‘Loved every minute of it’ and ‘Wish I was there now Mum’.

Other posts during the holiday included ‘Had the best holiday ever’, ‘lovely hotel, food’ and ‘didn’t want to come back home’.

Records at the all-Inclusive Aqua Magic Rock Gardens in Benidorm, Spain, during their week-long stay in July 2015, found the family had consumed lager, vodka, gin, amaretto and liquor during the time they claimed to have been ill.

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