How to avoid problems when buying Airline Tickets

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How to avoid problems when buying Airline Tickets

Prevention of Fraud in Travel has teamed up with the Metropolitan Police Service and a number of airlines to issue guidance on how to avoid problems when buying airline tickets.

Barry Gooch Chairman of PROFiT said: “Working in conjunction with partners within the industry our aim is to explain how travellers can book airline tickets with confidence. The mainstream airlines operate very effective and safe ticketing systems and where a customer sticks to official sources they can be confident that they will not become a victim of fraud.”

Barry Gooch continued, “The vast majority of consumers enjoy safe and reliable air travel at competitive prices from the industry the pity is that a few get caught out. We want to reinforce to consumers how they can avoid problems by following a few simple rules.”

DCI Nick Downing from the Metropolitan Police Service’s Economic and Specialist Crime Directorate said: “The proliferation of online sites selling airline tickets has unfortunately created opportunities for unscrupulous fraudsters.

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