Phishing Scams Target Singapore Airlines

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Phishing Scams Target Singapore Airlines

On December 20, 2017, police reported that phishing e-mails supposedly from Singapore Airlines and DBS Bank were landing inside the mailboxes of several people, seeking their credit card and other personal information.

Those who answered the e-mails reportedly found illegitimate cash dealings on their payment cards made through foreign currencies.

Within the phishing campaign exploiting DBS Bank’s name, victims got an electronic mail telling them there were several failed logins to their online banking A/Cs so it became necessary to lock those accounts. The Singapore Airlines scammers use baits for customers such as promises to give them free credits alternatively air tickets while make them divulge personal details.

One more version of the Singapore Airlines scam e-mail tells the victim that if he answers one customer satisfaction questionnaire he will be rewarded. So when victims follow the web-links embedded on the e-mails they’re directed towards completing the said questionnaire alternatively opening their accounts.

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