Travel scams ‘likely to increase’ around Brexit date

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Travel scams ‘likely to increase’ around Brexit date

Prevention of Fraud in Travel (PROFiT) is warning more travel scams are likely around the time the UK is set to leave the European Union next month and is urging people to report any suspicious activity.

PROFiT said: “Organised crime will always exploit confusion and uncertainty. Regardless of outcome the Brexit situation is currently uncertain and has elements that are travel related.

“For example we are currently unclear about whether EHIC cards will be valid in all 27 EU countries after March 29.

“Please be aware of the increased possibility of scams during this period and report anything you see into PROFiT so we can inform the NFIB.”

The organisation said scams may include websites offering to obtain health cover in an EU state after March 29 in place of EHIC or websites offering to take back airline tickets for flights booked but no longer being used for a fee.

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