Global Action Against Airline Fraud Detains 140

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An international law enforcement operation targeting airline fraudsters has resulted in the detention and investigation of 140 individuals found in possession of tickets bought using stolen or fake credit card details. The two-day operation conducted June 15-16 was organized globally … Continue reading

On 3 and 4 November 2015 law enforcement agencies from across the world, supported by Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3), joined forces with the airline, travel and payment card industries in a major concerted operation to combat online fraud in … Continue reading

A young man who duped dozens of people in online scams while breaking free from a strict Baptist upbringing has been jailed for almost five years. Joash​ Boyton​ was 19 when he embarked on a series of deceptions that ultimately … Continue reading

On 8 and 9 April 2014 law enforcement agencies from across the world, supported by the European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) at Europol, joined forces with the airline, travel and credit card industries in the largest ever attack upon online fraud … Continue reading

News content and information relating to airline fraud. With over 230 airlines in the world cyber-criminals continue to target this high value service. The rewards for fraudsters are high and there are many organisations all over the world to target. … Continue reading

European law enforcement agencies, supported by the European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) at Europol, have held a day of action to clamp down on criminals using fraudulent credit cards to purchase airline tickets. Link to article

An airline worker has been fined £1,000 for attempting to smuggle cigarettes into the UK through Manchester Airport. David Martin Cooke (51) of Shipham Close, Leigh was arrested on December 8, 2012 by Border Force officers when he attempted to … Continue reading

Law enforcement agencies have arrested 141 people during a Europol-backed crackdown on internet airline fraud ticket. During the four-day effort, which took place over last weekend, the eleventh Global Airport Action Days (GAAD) initiative targeted criminals suspected of traveling with … Continue reading

An international law enforcement operation targeting airline fraudsters has resulted in the arrest of 195 individuals, according to Europol. Those arrested are suspected of traveling with airline tickets bought using stolen, compromised or fake credit card details. Between 16 and … Continue reading

Ten thousand American Airlines, and three dozen United Airlines, accounts were targets of fraud, with criminals reusing credentials to access customer loyalty reward points and use them to book or upgrade flights late last month, according to recent reports. The … Continue reading

More than 20 travel-related websites have experienced data breaches in the past two months, according to a security expert who tracks the trade in stolen data. Data from those websites is being sold on underground forums by cybercriminals, said Alex … Continue reading

When it comes to credit card fraud while flying, it is the airlines that may be the most common victims, said Mary Kirby, the CEO of Runway Girl Network, an aviation industry media company. It’s a little-known fact that most … Continue reading

Receiving two free tickets from Southwest Airlines for simply following an online link sounds too good to be true. A “phishing” scam promising two free airline tickets has made its way back to Facebook. Link to article

Airlines have managed to cut down levels of online fraud by 31% over the past two years, although an estimated $1.4 billion is still being lost annually. Link to article

More than 5,000 cases of holiday and travel booking fraud were reported last year with total losses of £7 million. The average amount lost was £1,380 per person, with more than half (53%) of the crimes reported related to the … Continue reading

Coordinated police raids in Germany and Sweden have resulted in the arrest of two individuals suspected of running a cyber fraud gang that used stolen payment card data to book hundreds of airline and train tickets to help smuggle people … Continue reading

Travel agents have been warned of an airline ticketing scam that has forced at least one business to close and fleeced the industry out of millions of pounds. Industry body Prevention Of Fraud in Travel (Profit) said 54 agencies had … Continue reading

Cybersecurity firm Distil Networks analyzed hundreds of billions of bad bot requests, anonymized over thousands of domains. For airlines, bad bots accounted for 43.9% of all traffic on their websites in 2017. That puts the airline sector second to only … Continue reading

As many as 4,700 unsuspecting holidaymakers and other travellers had £6.7 million stolen by fraudsters last year. The sale of airline tickets (47%) and accommodation bookings (38%) were the most common types of fraud, a new report reveals today. The … Continue reading

As individuals, we all know we have to keep our wits about us when we’re online. If you’re really unlucky, a couple of ill-considered clicks or downloads could quickly ensnare you in a scam that ends up costing you hundreds … Continue reading