Airline Fraud

News content and information relating to airline fraud.

With over 230 airlines in the world cyber-criminals continue to target this high value service. The rewards for fraudsters are high and there are many organisations all over the world to target.

The majority of airlines have sophisticated systems in place to limit their exposure to fraud, but with airlines becoming more and global and multi platform spotting the identity of a fraudster or organised crime gangs (OCG’S) is becoming more and more problematic. The fraudster is quick to learn from past experiences and their lazy attitudes are getting more and more professional.

With the threat of fraud against airlines increasing more money and resources are being spent on the fight against airline fraud. Without any major changes in the way payments for flight takes place the problem is unlikely to go away.

Gone are the days where the person in an orgainsation looking at fraud was a part of the finance department working 9-5. It is now common place for most airlines to have a dedicated ‘fraud prevention department’ or the new fashionable name ‘revenue protection department’, most departments now work on shift basis covering the majority of the day and some now employ a night shift to catch the fraudster that has worked out that a fraudulent booking after the office has closed at night departing before the department opens in the morning is perhaps a loop hole in an airline fight against fraud.

As long as airlines continue to operate there will be airline fraud, the policing of such fraud and successful convictions are limited and often restricted due to reduced policing budgets, therefore the fight against airline fraud will for the time being almost solely rest with airlines.

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