Join PROFiT and help prevent corporate fraud

Welcome to Prevention of Fraud in Trade

Prevention of Fraud in Trade (PROFiT) was officially launched in 2009 with the sole purpose of preventing fraud in industry. Whether you are a company or a consumer, Prevention of Fraud in Trade is here to help you.

Working with Prevention of Fraud in Trade

If you would like to work with Prevention of Fraud in Trade to help prevent fraud in industry, we offer a membership scheme which offers a selection of services including the right to attend PROFiT meetings, access to a fraud prevention community and the right to use the PROFiT mark. Whether your organisation is affected by charge-backs, credit card fraud and internal fraud, or is just looking for more information about fraud prevention we can help. Become a Member of PROFiT For all enquiries please email contactus@profit.uk.com.

Secure our Systems

In partnership with Travel Weekly, Prevention of Fraud in Trade has launched an industry-wide campaign aiming to combat the growing menace of cybercrime against travel companies. Travel firms urged to put a cybercrime recovery plan in place Logos and images on travel websites can be scammed in ‘seconds’ Travel firms urged to spend more on tech to stop cyberattacks ‘SOS’ campaign launches to fight travel cybercrime PROFiT chairman Barry Gooch said the latest campaign, backed by Travel Weekly and to run for seven weeks, would give the industry the tools to fight cyber criminals and protect themselves from attacks including ransomware, email interception, spyware, spoofing and cloned websites.  

Hardening the Industry Against Cyber Crime

Prevention of Fraud in Trade works closely with UK policing and we are founding partners of the Global Cyber Alliance and we launched an initiative to roll out two free tools which will harden business systems and massively reduce the risks of spam, phishing emails, and ransomware attacks. You may be aware that the UK government intends that all government agencies will use the DMARC solution. The tools are a ‘free good’ and we are keen to encourage as many organisations as possible to use them. Global Cyber Alliance DMARC – Email Authentication Made Easy Advice for business