Challenge a Chargeback

What is a chargeback?

To challenge a chargeback we first need to establish exactly what a chargeback is. A chargeback is where a customer has had money debited from their account which they dispute, this results in a refund being made to the customer. As well as fraud there are many reasons for a chargeback such as the goods or services were not up to standard, the goods or services were faulty, the goods or services did not arrive or the customer has been charged twice.

Access the chargeback

– Has the date the service was due to commence passed?
– Is there a chance the customer has not recognised the transaction?
– Could the chargeback relate to a complaint, refund/cancellation claim or double payment?

Access the booking- In hindsight does the booking look risky?
– Are you able to speak to the customer to discuss the chargeback?

Challenge the chargeback

– Make sure you follow the instructions given by bank on how to challenge the chargeback.
– Gather evidence of all information relating to the booking.
– The more information you have the more chance you have of getting the chargeback overturned.
– Your aim to show that the booking was authentic.
– Respond to the chargeback promptly.
– Produce a statement detailing why you believe a chargeback is not warranted, stick to the facts.
– Make sure you mention any contact with the customer which could have lead them to process a chargeback.
– Gives details of how you have attempted to resolve a dispute with the customer before receiving the chargeback.

How Visa is Making the Process Better for Merchants in Card-Present Transactions

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We know that chargebacks can be a real problem for your business, and costly too. If a transaction is charged back you could lose both the payment and the goods or services that you’ve provided – plus any time spent on administration, selling or delivering the ‘sale’.

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Chargeback advice given to consumers – Which?

Chargeback allows you to ask your card provider to reverse a transaction if there’s a problem with something you’ve bought on your credit or debit card. You also have rights under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit if you spend more than £100 on your credit card. But, for the lowdown on chargeback, read our guide.

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