Fraud Prevention Training

Prevention of Fraud in Travel has teamed up with Troy Managed Services to provide a selection of fraud prevention training courses specifically designed to counter economic crime within the travel industry.

With over 30 years experience Troy Managed Services are at the cutting edge of the design, development and delivery of training courses and in conjunction with PROFiT are able to other the following 1 day training courses:

– Flawless Evidence Gathering

Providing investigators and investigation teams with everything they need to stay entirely compliant with law when gathering evidence and writing statements. Developing assiduous and effective evidence gathering practice.

– Initial Investigation Action

Ensuring investigators can take speedy and effective action when a crime is identified or reported. Prompt action will secure vital evidence, reduce loss to the organisation and help bring the offender to justice.

– Introduction to Investigative Interviewing

Giving delegates a foundation in the skills necessary to interview others to support investigations. Developing questioning and listening skills. Providing a plan and structure for investigative interviews.

– Tackling Internal Fraud

Providing delegates with the skills and knowledge to identify and prevent internal fraud within their own organisation.

As well as the 1 day courses we are also able to offer more comprehensive training over 3 and 5 days.

These courses are an absolute must for anyone who is in the travel industry and works in a department countering fraud and other types of economic crime. Our aim is to build up a portfolio of courses from introduction through to a recognised qualification.

If you do not see what you want, contact us to tell us what you need!

If you are interested in these exclusive training courses offered by PROFiT or would like to discuss fraud prevention training please email