Bogus UK airport email

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Bogus UK airport email

A bogus email from a UK airport attempted to defraud thousands of people, it has emerged.

The scam used a fake address, but the messages were prevented from ever reaching their intended recipients.

It was one of a range of cyber-attacks prevented last year by GCHQ’s National Cyber Security Centre.

NCSC has not revealed the name of the airport fraudsters attempted to impersonate last August.

But it said that the failed scheme involved sending 200,000 emails to consumers asking them to pay a fee in order to receive a larger refund.

Had the intended victims paid the sum, they would have got nothing in return, the BBC reported

The security centre also took the criminals’ real email address offline to ensure they could not receive any replies.

The details were revealed in the NCSC annual report in which it disclosed that it had prevented 140,000 separate phishing attacks

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