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Insurer lashes out at ‘outrageous scale’ of fraud as it revealed successful fight against 46 claimants whose party bus collided with a Ford Fiesta. When a Ford Fiesta collided with a double-decker party bus packed with revellers on a roundabout … Continue reading

Craig O’Donohue, 29, and Paul Murgatroyd, 28, duped hundreds of fans who paid over the odds to watch the team play at Anfield. Two crooks who plotted a £100,000 scam to forge Liverpool FC tickets have been jailed for a … Continue reading

It was the number of letters which her aunt was receiving that first made Penny Eggebrecht suspicious. That and the fact her aunt was getting through a chequebook almost every week sending money in response. The letters were from overseas … Continue reading

There’s a new, little-known scam designed to empty your bank account, as one Vodafone customer found to her cost. When Emma Franks’ mobile phone stopped working she assumed there was a technical problem and called her provider, Vodafone. To her … Continue reading

Russian national pleads guilty in global hacking scheme Russian Hacker Vladimir Drinkman faces 30 years sentence after pleading guilty to hacking NASDAQ, stealing 160 million credit cards. Vladimir Drinkman, a 34 year old Russian hacker has pleaded guilty in US … Continue reading

Police have made a new appeal for people to come forward if they believe they were potential victims of a ticket fraud for the Bestival music event. More than 60 complaints have so far been made about tickets which were … Continue reading

Custom-made fake UK passports designed to fool border security are on sale for £2,000 on the ‘dark web’, a Courier investigation has discovered. The Home Office has launched a probe after we highlighted the site which also claims to enter … Continue reading

The head of an ‘empire’ that ran a large-scale scam involving hire cars and speeding fines has been jailed. Jason Brown, 44, of Styal Road, Cheadle, was sentenced to five years and two months prison after admitting perverting the course … Continue reading

A “callous” gang that made £3m selling shares in fake companies bought luxury cars and holidays, police said. They ran the so-called “boiler room” scam from Majorca to call potential UK investors, City of London Police said. More than 100 … Continue reading

A pensioner couple have been left with a “frugal” income after losing the bulk of their life savings to a boiler room scam. Peter Hodgson, 78, was duped out of £74,000 by highly convincing fraudsters who sold him diamonds as … Continue reading

A London-wide clamp down on suspected investment frauds operating out of some of the capital’s most iconic buildings in the heart of the UK’s main financial districts has been running throughout the day. City of London Police, City of London … Continue reading

A fraud gang duped investors into buying diamonds for twenty times their value before using the £1.5m profit to fund lavish shopping sprees in Selfridges, Louis Vuitton and Harrods, a court has heard. Victims were allegedly lured into the ‘boiler … Continue reading

Online dating fraud has increased by a third in the last year at a cost of millions of pounds to the UK public, new figures show. The figures from the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) show a 33% increase in … Continue reading

Hill Dickinson’s Counter Fraud Group and Europcar, the car hire services company, have successfully disrupted the activities of a staged accident fraudster. Following a court case centred on a staged collision between a family’s vehicle and a car hired from … Continue reading

A former call centre worker who cost Vodafone nearly £29,000 in new phones and iPads has been jailed for a year. Belfast Crown Court Judge Gordon Kerr QC told 25-year-old David Parry he was a repeat offender, whose motivation in … Continue reading

“Crash for cash” insurance scams have continued to rise to a record level, according to one of the UK’s biggest motor insurers. These incidents involve an induced crash by criminal gangs in order to claim compensation for whiplash. Aviva said … Continue reading

The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) is carrying out a criminal investigation into accounting irregularities at supermarket giant Tesco. Tesco says it has been “co-operating fully” with the SFO. Last week, the supermarket announced that its profits had been overstated by … Continue reading

A man who pretended to be so ill that he would often fall into a coma has been caught out after he was filmed walking in and out of Tesco and going on family holidays. Alan Knight, 47, of Swansea, … Continue reading

You may think that you’d be wise to a scam, but smooth-talking fraudsters are using techniques that leave more and more people at risk. It’s estimated that around £1.2billion a year is now lost through investment fraud – that’s cash … Continue reading

Cash registers at 1,200 Kmart stores were infected with malware that scooped up payment card numbers for over a month, reports the retailer. In a statement, Kmart said the security breach was discovered on 9 October and that the malware … Continue reading