How to detect the most ingenious email scam

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How to detect the most ingenious email scam

If you suspect your computer might have been hacked, there’s a giveaway sign.

So the new year has come and gone. For some, 2014 will be fondly remembered. For others (the executives of Sony Inc, for example), it couldn’t end soon enough. Another group that will be heaving a sigh of relief will be the small army of my friends and acquaintances stranded in Turkey.

The first indication of the plight afflicting my nearest and dearest occurred last weekend when I checked the “junk” folder on my laptop. It always throws up interesting titbits – opportunities to become a millionaire, offers of cut-price surgical enhancement, and communications from single women in Latvia inevitably calling themselves Lola – but among all the usual bunkum I spotted an email from my actor friend Nick.

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