Fraud Alerts For Consumers

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Fraud Alerts For Consumers

With the holiday season fast approaching Prevention of Fraud in Travel would like to keep you updated on the new types of fraud hitting the travel industry.

1) Fake website – this fraud is simple, create a simple website with cheap offers and then wait for your customers to arrive. Customers think they are getting a bargain but in fact they are getting a nightmare.

2) Fake tickets – you receive an email offering you discounted flights, the flight prices seem too good to be true but when you book you receive your tickets and therefore believe you have receive a bargain, unfortunately the tickets you have received are fake and are worthless.

While there are many bargains available, think first before handing over your money. Many frauds occur as a result of someon doing something you would never normally do, so why do it for one of the most expensive transactions of the year?

A common tactic of a fraudster is a request for payment to be made direct into a bank account; this method of payment gives you minimal protection and little chance of your bank assisting you if anything goes wrong.

Before handing over any money make sure you research the company, is the website fully functional and is the sites content up to date? If the site doesn’t look like what is should why not? A website is one of the most important parts of a travel companies business, if the website is not up to scratch why not?

Is the travel company a member of a trade body? There is no law that says every website promoting holidays and travel arrangements has to be a member of a trade body, but if you are booking a traditional holiday the chances are the company operating the website will have to be a member of a trade body, so takes steps to ensure that where a trade body membership is promoted that you check this out by visiting the trade bodies website and if the company is not a member of a trade body ask yourself why not?

Always remember if something looks too good to be true it probably is and never be in a rush to hand over your money.