Industry’s biggest fraud survey launches

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Industry’s biggest fraud survey launches

Travel companies are being urged to take part in the industry’s biggest fraud survey and data analysis.

The study aims to analyse information from more than 1,000 UK and Irish travel companies to produce new guidance for the trade – and potentially uncover criminal gangs operating in the sector.

It will be the first time such data has been channelled through the Fraud Intelligence Network (Fin), set up last year by travel anti-fraud group Prevention of Fraud in Travel (Profit).

The group issued the appeal after teaming up with the City of London Police and the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau to identify new methods being used by criminals and the changing nature of the threat posed to travel businesses.

Chairman Barry Gooch is inviting any interested companies to take part. He said: “It’s going to be the biggest sample size to date. The 2012 survey was about 80 organisations; we expect about 1,400 this time.

“The more organisations that take part, the more useful the results, and [the more] free advice we will be able to provide to the industry.”

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