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The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) is run by the City of London Police (COLP) which is the national lead force for fraud.

The NFIB collects data from a number of sources including Action Fraud and then uses the most advanced systems to process and analyse the data. The NFIB system holds millions of records and receives thousands of updates on a daily basis. Upon data entering the NFIB links between the data are created and the data showing them most links are scored to see what data can form part of a police investigation.

The work of the NFIB includes:

– Identifying the amount of fraud in the UK.
– Highlighting geographical hotspots of fraudulent activity.
– Detailing the specific types of fraud.
– Linking fraud reports to organised crime gangs (OCG).

Prevention of Fraud in Travel is currently working with the NFIB via its partner Fraud Intelligence Network to ensure data from the travel industry is be loaded into their system for analysis. To date the data loaded by the travel industry has resulted in many successful prosecutions and many more are in the pipe lines.

‘The counter fraud community must use all the weapons at our disposal to break the criminal networks and help prevent fraud in all corners of our society. In the NFIB we have the most advanced police analytical system in the world ready to lead our fight against economic crime.’ The Commissioner of the City of London Police, Adrian Leppard

For more details about the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau go to NFIB.