Travel agent scam allegations investigated by BBC

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Travel agent scam allegations investigated by BBC

A BBC investigation into an alleged scam by a London-based travel agent will be aired tonight.

Inside Out South on BBC One is due to be shown at 7:30pm this evening and then on iPlayer.

It comes after complaints from holidaymakers who believe they have been scammed by a Hayley King’s London-based Around the World Travel business.

The BBC said it has spoken to 32 people from Hampshire, Dorset, Berkshire, Cornwall, Devon, Wiltshire, Surrey, East and West Sussex, Bedfordshire, Wiltshire and London who claimed to have had their holiday plans ruined, losing an average of about £3,000 each.

They claim they have turned up at hotels to find their rooms had not been booked.

The BBC said Ms King was understood to be abroad and could not be reached for comment.

King became an independent travel agent five years ago and clients initially reported enjoying discounted prices for flights and hotels.

But BBC analysis of the business model suggested King was using a pyramid-style selling scheme to book holidays for her customers.

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